Working and training abroad in the Carpathian Region

Objectives & vision

You think about starting a vocational education abroad or look for a job that suits your qualification? You want to compare professions across the border and assess working conditions? You are ready to think and act on a cross-border level but lack the necessary information?

The E-JobGuide CrossCarpathia gives you all relevant information as a one-stop-shop. Based on a target group specific logic information on vocational trainings, professions and job conditions will be presented in terms of filter structures which guide users along their individual needs and interests.

Following this logic the E-JobGuide CrossCarpathia mainly addresses to mobile school leavers, job and education seekers, employers/human resource managers and other labour market and education experts in the Carpathian region of the countries Hungary, Romania and Ukraine.
Users having a clear and specific concern are assisted through filters and also with personal advice by experts - others just want to browse a little bit and pick up new impressions - the
E-JobGuide CrossCarpathia is going to enable target groups to reach the desired information in a quick and easy way.

Thus the E-JobGuide CrossCarpathia can be used as an initial information source to open up new perspectives for individuals and organisations willing to intensify cross-border mobility and networking activities.

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Mar, 2013
Mar, 2012